The discount swim spa: 2 in 1 well-being

With its generous size and the possibility of using it all year round, the swim spa is an excellent choice for conventional swimming pools. The swim spa has the specificity of offering in addition to the traditional spa, the possibility of doing water sports sessions such as rowing, swimming ....

Between investing in a cheap spa for sale and a swimming pool, the choice is sometimes quite complicated to satisfy the whole family. When looking for an arrangement, it is always certain to choose a swim spa that combines well-being and athletic activity.

Operation of a swim spa

As the swim spa is a 2-in-1 pool, it is necessary to be able to explain how it works. To do this, the pool has two different parts: the spa and the pool. Note that a swim spa will not be equivalent to a swimming pool due to its size because the swim spa is slightly smaller. Thus, due to its size, the swim spa requires a counter-current system to satisfy the search for endurance among athletes. To produce this sensation, the water in the swimming pool and that in the jacuzzi must be complementary.

What price for a swim spa?

A swim spa can be worth between 15,000 and 55,000 euros. This is a very wide price range because the price depends on many parameters. A swim spa is regularly more expensive than a "classic" spa, given the technology used, and since it is larger. It is therefore necessary to foresee a substantial budget to invest in a swim spa. Before going to prospect for a swim spa at a mini price with the best relation between quality and price, several selection parameters must be determined beforehand. You will thus be able to make a selection between the proposals more in advance and increase your chances of discovering the swim spa that will meet your requirements and mainly, that will suit your budget.

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