The different models of Spas

We have spas of all sizes and shapes, says the seller, which one do you want. That’s the question: it all depends on what you are looking for or even your budget! but know that the main thing is first and foremost that it is a way to relax, so don't bother to make a big headache out of it. On the site, you will have more information on the type of spa you want to have in your home.

Depending on size, shape or materials

When you choose a small spa, you prefer privacy with your spouse or family. But it is also a lighter spa which takes up less space and therefore takes up less space and transport will therefore be easier. For spas that are a little more spacious, you can relax with friends as it can accommodate up to more than eight people, so it takes up a little more space, but it allows you to have a little more conviviality: a slightly heavier so make sure the floor is strong enough to support the weight of the full spa, as well as that of the people inside.

Now it is important to enhance aesthetics, therefore the spa not only becomes an object designed for relaxation, but it becomes a decorative object that completely blends into the landscape.

Regarding the materials, it is also important when choosing a spa because it becomes an everyday object so it is better to choose the right material because it would be a little difficult to change it when we want. The shells are often made of acrylic in various colors: first we have granite, marbled and also pearly.

The spa can be tiled, and you can tone on tone as it would be a pity if the colors were disparate. Finally, the skirt as we say, or the outer body, it can be made of wood in synthetic materials which are easier to maintain with a very successful look.

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