All about spa filtration

The spa is the ultimate equipment for those in search of well-being. This is why it is not rare that more people invest in its purchase to be able to enjoy it from their homes, the current spa rates allow it. But in order for this investment to be enjoyed for as long as possible, it is essential that the spa be constantly functional. And in order for the spa to function properly, the filtration of the spa must always be as correct as possible. In this article we will discuss the basics of how spa filtration works.

The spa's hydraulic system

The circulation of water in a spa is possible because it is connected to a network of pipes. This means that the water in the spa follows a precise cycle: it is drawn in and passes through a filter and then returns to the spa cleaner. This system is made possible by a pump that circulates the water. Just like swimming pools, the spa is also equipped with a skimmer that skims the surface of the water, which contains on average 80% of the dirt.

Sand filter or cartridge filter for a spa ?

Perhaps the most classic spa filter is the cartridge filter. It takes up very little space and filters the water efficiently. A truly compact and active system. When it is dirty, maintenance is not complicated. On average, it should be cleaned every two weeks. If necessary, a descaling solution can be used. Depending on how often the spa is used, the filter cartridge replacement cycle is usually every 2 or 3 years.

The sand filter is used more in community spas than in personal spas. This means that it is best to use it when the amount of water to be filtered is high. As it is larger, it is advisable to allocate a technical room especially for it.

The daily filtration time of a spa

The filtration of a spa depends on the volume of water in the spa and how often it is used. Spa manufacturers offer 2 modes of filtration which are :
- Continuous filtration 24 hours a day: spas that have a small pump, i.e. where the flow of circulation is low ;
- 8-hour filtration: spas with a powerful pump.